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What is a combi oven and why should I get one

A commercial combi oven can open up new possibilities in your kitchen, and will complement your existing equipment by adding ‘multi-function’ versatility to every mealtime. With mounting pressures on care budgets and a growing demand for higher quality food in homes, their 8-in-1 cooking capability offers a quick-hit in both reducing running costs and providing more nutritional meals. However, though their impact may be instant, their benefits are constant. Offering around 60% less energy usage, commercial-grade durability, these cost and cook-efficient units give you:

  • 8 of the 12 cooking methods required in care kitchens
  • The ability to make and reheat when needed
  • Locked in nutrition in food
  • Maximum results with minimal training
  • Automatic operation to save time
  • One-touch overnight cleaning
  • Increased capacity and less waste

To find out more about the different types of combi available, please contact 0808 2319 766. Our experts will be happy to run through your exact challenges and requirements to find a tailored solution for your care home to consider.

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