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A Pioneering Company in the Best of Health

JLA has been making waves in the world of laundry, infection control and cleaning for almost four decades. In that time, the provider’s unrivalled insight into healthcare has led to the development of a full range of products that hospitals, surgeries and other sites have come to rely on in the fight against HAIs such as MRSA and C.difficile.

Innovation is always in the air at JLA

Perhaps the most notable advancement in JLA’s healthcare armoury is OTEX validated ozone disinfection. Harnessing the natural power of O3, this laundry innovation kills 99.999% of bacteria, moulds, yeasts and viruses to eliminate the risk of cross-infection. By converting ‘free’ air from around the washing machine into 90% oxygen, splitting this into ozone and injecting particles into a wash, the system removes the need for water heating and safely lifts stains out of fibres while the natural gas eliminates the smallest trace of harmful bacteria. Natural disinfection also eliminates wastage on the balance sheet, cutting detergent costs by 55% and reducing water and energy costs by over 35%. This was proven in the Southampton Showcase Hospital Report which in turn followed OTEX’s Rapid Review Panel recommendation (RRP1) – an acknowledgement shared by only a handful of other technologies.

Wiping out the threat of cross-infection from mops and cloths

Of particular importance in modern day medicine is the effective laundering of mops and cloths. As JLA’s Technical Chemist and infection control specialist Jackie Hook explains, the benefits of OTEX are there to be embraced by cleaning professionals and budget holders alike, and technology’s role in professional cleaning should not be underestimated:

"The decontamination of consumable cleaning items such as mops and cloths, both traditional and microfibre, is unfortunately overlooked in many environments. Surprisingly little emphasis is placed on the actual decontamination of such items, even though they are reused on a daily basis. Since the bacteria that leads to E.Coli, MRSA and other infections is usually transmitted hand-to-mouth, it obviously becomes a problem if surfaces are being cleaned by unclean cloths and mops. This can be made worse through the transmission of germs from the cleaner’s hand onto clean surfaces or materials after they have handled inadequately laundered items."

Here, once again, OTEX has emerged as a proven adversary to the germs and spores that may lurk in wards and surgeries due to ineffective microfibre mop and cloth laundry. In the Journal of Infection Prevention’s ‘Evaluation of the Cleaning Efficiency of Microfibre Cloths Processed via an Ozonated Laundry System’, OTEX demonstrated that ozone maintains re-usable mop and cloth performance for over 350 washes* – earlier tests by health bodies had shown that after traditional thermal cycles, microfibre performance declined after just 150.

Validation: The proof is in the printing

With built-in validation, OTEX gives the NHS and other organisations the means to prove that their methods meet ‘Essential Quality Requirements’ as well as ‘Best Practices’, as set out by the new Choice Framework for local Policy and Procedure (CFPP01-04)** – with the ability to print ‘disinfection receipts’, OTEX users can comply with the guideline that “linen should be processed using a disinfection cycle complying with the specified level of reduction in bacteriological contamination and this process will be required to be validated”. Training is provided by JLA as advised in the framework, and advice is also given on how to categorise contaminated or soiled linen, as well as the handling of laundered items.

With the ozone disinfection process mastered and OTEX firmly established in healthcare environments up and down the , JLA refuses to rest on its laurels.  While others may have been satisfied with revolutionising infection prevention, JLA forged ahead with further research and development. Built on a deep understanding of what healthcare customers really need, JLA has therefore been able to bring to market a full range of JLA Clean professional laundry and dishwashing detergents – which includes products that are specifically designed to work in its OTEX system. This comprehensive approach to laundry innovation means that JLA can provide a one-stop solution when it comes to maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Leading the way in cross-infection prevention

Even away from OTEX and the undisputable effectiveness of ozone laundry, JLA’s core range of WRAS-approved washing machines has been developed to set the highest standards of hygiene. Robust, reliable and easy-to-use commercial and industrial washing machines offer sluice programmes combined with thermal disinfection cycles to combat risk on two fronts, while a number of compact washers, dryers and stack systems are ideal for ward-end use where space may be limited. Add to that a range of powerful macerators and bedpan washer disinfectors which are again WRAS-approved and designed to cope with the different volume requirements and dependency levels across various sites, and it becomes clear that there really is no need to shop around to find the different machines needed to keep a healthcare environment running smoothly on a daily basis. 

Catering for specific healthcare needs with market-leading dishwashers

Having kept its place as the UK’s number one laundry specialist for almost 40 years, JLA already has much to be proud of. But one of the things that has led to the company’s longevity and worldwide reputation for innovation is its unerring drive to do better. So then, enter a dedicated warewashing division which gives healthcare organisations even more to choose from as far as infection control is concerned, and helps them guard against HAIs in their kitchens as well as their laundries. WRAS-approved freshwater dishwashers that refresh water on every cycle, constant 85°C rinses for thermal disinfection and germicidal UV lamp disinfection that provides the ultimate in bug-kill are all available, meaning JLA has a full range of machines that ensure patients leave in the best possible health.

All-inclusive care, for all JLA products

The good news is that all of the above solutions come with complete reassurance of JLA’s Total Care package, which stands alone in the marketplace in giving customers 7-day breakdown cover – as well as an 8-working hour engineer response guarantee which offers £100 cashback in the unlikely event that an engineer is not on site on time in an emergency. A 24/7 helpline gives staff all the support they need from shift to shift, and for financial peace of mind as well as ‘ward-wide’ reassurance, Total Care makes the latest market-leading machines and service support available as part of a single package, with no need for capital outlay and no costly repair bills to worry about.

To find out how any or all of JLA’s infection prevention products could help you provide even better healthcare, contact JLA today.

*Humphreys PN, et al. (2012) Evaluation of the Cleaning Efficiency of Microfibre Cloths Processed via an Ozonated Laundry System. Journal of Infection Prevention 13 (4), doi:10.1177/1757177412447833.


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