JLA Makes Towel Laundry a Breeze for Lloyds Hair Salon

Lloyds Hair, a busy and popular salon chain, has three premises throughout Co Waterford and Co Wexford that are growing more and more popular. Large numbers of clients means that there are larger amounts of towels to clean – on average, the salon was seeing 450 customers per week and had 300 towels to wash and dry every day.  

With the task of doing laundry eating into the staff’s time for seeing customers, proprietor and manager Danielle Kennedy decided to look for a solution. At the time, the salons were relying on domestic equipment to clean their towels, and in some instances even had to outsource their laundry. It still took hours of staff time that could have been better spent seeing customers.

Danielle soon looked into the laundry solutions provided by JLA after another salon recommended our services. The equipment, as well as the advice and technical support provided through our Total Care solution, immediately appealed to Danielle, and after the JLA 98 washer and dryer were installed in the salons, she could see a real difference.

“It’s very cost-effective,” says Danielle. “We spent too many hours on laundry before, but now our juniors have more free time for working the floor.”

The new towel laundry is so easy to use, and the level of service from our engineers is so good, that Danielle has decided to have the JLA 98 installed in a third salon. She says: “We like the cost efficiency and the guarantee of having the engineer come to visit shortly after we report any issues.”

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