Scarborough Court Care Home

The Senior Leadership Team at Scarborough Court Care Home in Cramlington, Northumberland had recognised a need to change how the home handled deep cleaning. Previously, members of the domestic staff were responsible for the job, which cut into their already busy schedules and left less time for them to care for their residents. “As a team here at Scarborough Court, we recognised the need to change how the home handled deep cleaning, and for that reason we met with JLA,” they said.

An appointment was made to learn more about the Sanitiser and what it could offer. “We had a meeting with a JLA representative, who explained the value of the machine and gave a practical demonstration,” they said. Immediately impressed with how easy it was to use, they agreed for a JLA Sanitiser to be installed at Scarborough Court. 

Within a short period of time, it had completely transformed the home’s cleaning processes. The Facilities Team is thrilled with the Sanitiser’s “ease of use, portability and odour removal”. It’s also made a world of difference for the rest of the team at Scarborough Court.

 “The domestic team are delighted, as it means that the Facilities Team have now taken control of this particular discipline, thus freeing their valuable time for other aspects of their daily jobs.”

The team would recommend the Sanitiser to other care homes or housing associations looking to improve hygiene: “It saves time, the results are obvious and it’s extremely efficient and easy to use.”


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