Ty Mawr Nursing Home


"We know the importance of maintaining high quality in our catering. Laundry is extremely important too – so every area of the home has to be ‘above and beyond’, not just on the nursing and physical care side of things. We knew that JLA had experience in the care sector, and they have a large range of commercial laundry equipment which meant they could provide us with both the laundry equipment we needed and the kitchen appliances we wanted to upgrade to. It made sense to get everything from one place.

We’ve opted for a Combi Oven as you can have steam and convection or just steam by itself, so it helps us keep the nutrition and vitamins locked in. Meals also have to be pureed here, so there’s a risk that food could become bland. But the combi’s great because it keeps moisture and flavour in too. For solids, it keeps shrinkage down, especially with meat. This makes mealtimes a highlight of our residents’ days, and it’s reassuring for families to know their loved ones are living well."

In addition to the combi oven, the home has also upgraded its commercial refrigerator and freezer appliances, with one eye firmly on compliance.

“Our new JLA fridge and freezer are great for complying with the inspections we have. Before, we used to put fiddly little thermostats inside our coolers and they were hard to read. Now it’s all digital we can just walk by, take a note of the numbers on the digital display and get on with our day."

- Sylvia Tay, Kitchen Manager, Ty Mawr Nursing Home


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