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Cruckton Hall School


Paul Mayhew is headmaster of Cruckton Hall School, a residential special school for boys in Shrewsbury. He says: "I added OTEX to my laundry and immediately started to reduce my utility costs.

However, my main motivation for picking OTEX was the confidence I had knowing our laundry was 100% clean and free from contamination – I’m delighted with the results.

An additional major benefit is the fact that the system disinfects on every cycle. This gives all our pupils, staff and parents total confidence that laundry is 100% clean and free of contamination. All of our laundry equipment is robust, very easy to operate and is backed by JLA’s Total Care package, which ensures we get further peace of mind with the very best level of service 364 days a year."

- Paul Mayhew, Headmaster at Cruckton Hall School


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