Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital


"The main boxes I need our dishwashers to tick are compliance and reliability. When JLA introduced me to their thermal disinfection dishwasher my mind was instantly put at rest on both counts. Their consultants immediately picked up on my concerns, and addressed them just as quickly.

Everyone who uses the machines is incredibly satisfied with the wash quality - and we can now rest assured that all plates, mugs and cutlery used on our wards are not only cleaned but disinfected...even on a 13 minute cycle. Our nurses and kitchen staff find them easy to use too which frees up their time for other things and makes the running of the hospital more efficient – operating instructions are also very clear and simple to understand for agency staff and new starters.

We understand that all equipment can break down, even the best models. But when one of our machines required a call out for a minor issue, it was dealt with by the first person we spoke to - which was incredibly impressive. An engineer was out within 4 hours, which surpassed all my expectations and meant we could maintain high levels of hygiene."

- David Sandersen, Head of Estates at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital


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