Helena Romanes School

Helena Romanes School in Great Dunmow


Great Dunmow suffers badly with hard water, which meant the school needed to replace one of their main water heaters after less than 3 years of use. Needing a new water heater and not wanting to face a large upfront bill, the school approached JLA for urgent help. Liz Evans-Barlow, the business manager at the school said: “We knew that working with JLA would help us to mitigate the risk of our second water heater failing and the disruption and costly repairs we would face. There was no large sum to pay up front for the new water heater which suited us perfectly and as we were so impressed with the excellent installation process, we have also replaced a further water heater and a boiler.”

As the school has grown over the years, new buildings have been added to the original one, so different heating and hot water equipment is needed to service different areas of the school. Helena Romanes now benefits from a boiler as well as a large water heater in the main school and a smaller water heater to service the Technology block. Liz thinks the Total Care Package is ideal for meeting the needs of the school: “The benefits of the Total Care package mean that we know the equipment will be serviced on an annual basis, we are guaranteed speedy response times and we have confidence that the equipment will be fixed as a matter of urgency if any problems arise.”

Knowing JLA already has an excellent reputation with their laundry and catering equipment solutions reassured Liz and helped her when making her decision to invest in JLA heating equipment “I felt reassured by the size of the company and the reputation it has. Our sales consultant was excellent and explained everything in a simple way that we could understand.”

Liz is extremely happy with the new heating equipment and was impressed with the work carried out “I believe that the JLA business model works well for schools and I would definitely recommend them.”

- Liz Evans-Barlow, Business Manager


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