Foxy's Deli

Sian Fox, co-owner and Manager of Foxy’s Deli in Penarth, is a busy lady, and dishwasher maintenance is a distraction she could do without. But with commercial equipment supplied as part of JLA‘s Total Care solution, she’s now free to focus on what she does best in – and spend more time filling plates than washing them.

At the heart of Sian’s business lies Foxy’s kitchen, which acts as a catering hub for the meals served in the café, the homemade delicacies created for sale in the deli, and a wide variety of larger sharing platters produced for weddings, funerals and other occasions.

From cappuccino cups to pastry plates and the crockery used for Foxy’s famous big breakfasts, JLA’s dishwashing equipment has helped Sian cope with the constant demands of a non-stop catering business. With advice from the company’s experts, as well as market-leading equipment, running out of clean items is now one thing less she has to worry about.

“We needed a commercial dishwasher, as we wash lots of dishes many times a day. Efficient service was also a key consideration for us and we’d heard good things about JLA’s equipment, so we chose them as our supplier.”

Even before installation, JLA was able to remove the headache of worrying about back-of-house equipment, with expert consultation that meant Sian didn’t have to shop around.

“When our old dishwasher from another supplier broke down I didn’t have lots of time to think about its replacement, as I was busy with the deli and café. I just had a look at, and called to ask for advice. JLA then came to check the space we had to make sure we got the right undercounter dishwasher for our layout and needs, and promised to take care of everything for us once we decided to go ahead. We’re pleased with results and speed we get from the dishwasher, and I would recommend JLA as both efficient and true to their word.”

As Sian continues, JLA’s all-inclusive supply and service solution was particularly attractive:

“The Total Care package appealed as in the past we have called out engineers a few times a year and had to pay for the call-outs. With JLA we know all repair bills are covered in the monthly payment.”


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