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North West Surgeons

Joan Freeman is the Practice Manager at North West Surgeons Ltd in Cheshire. Here she explains why OTEX is key to preventing cross-infection and safeguarding the wellbeing of dogs and cats that are sent there by other vets for operations.

JLA’s ground-breaking OTEX ozone disinfection laundry technology eradicates cross-infection,while its speedy engineer response offers constant peace of mind to staff who can’t afford to run out of clean bedding, towels and blankets. Joan says:

“As a surgical veterinary practice we need to be sure that everything we wash is not only thoroughly cleaned, but completely disinfected too. With JLA’s OTEX ozone system, we are confident that all items are completely clean, and that the risk of cross-contamination from MRSA and other bacteria within the laundry does not exist.”

Like Northwest Surgeons, many vets use in-house laundry facilities to keep up with demand – the need for an effective laundry on-site is constant. Where laundry is outsourced, deliveries can be late or incorrect, and staff may be at the mercy of a provider’s timetable. But by maintaining control of its own laundry operations, Northwest Surgeons can react to changing needs – on a large scale.

“Our machines are running constantly throughout the day and often during the night, so we need to be sure that they are up to the job. JLA’s high volume equipment is ideal, and we know that if something does go wrong, an engineer will be at the practice within 8 working hours to sort it out, including on weekends and bank holidays. We also know he carries parts for the machine we wouldn’t be able to source ourselves, which usually means the fault can be fixed first time.”

- Joan Freeman, Practice Manager at North West Surgeons


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