Why domestic kitchen equipment could burn a hole in your pocket_x000D_

Often, when faced with a problem in business, the temptation is to find the cheapest solution without fully considering the true lifetime cost, or the effects on performance and service. The most savvy care homes however will find a common ground between the two.

Take your kitchen for example. Let’s say your old oven needs replacing. The obvious thing to do to save money is to jump on the internet, do a quick comparison, perhaps read a review or two, and then buy the second lowest price oven off-the-shelf (nobody wants to be a complete cheapskate after all). However, the savvy owner/manager will pause for a moment, realise that using a high-street white goods in a commercial setting renders the warranty void, and that the cheap option will only last a year or so in any case.

That owner/manager will then look into energy usage, and discover that a commercial combi oven – being able to offer 8 cooking methods in 1, will save up to 60% in energy costs. Suddenly, that website seems like the wrong place to be looking.

So instead, the owner/manager turns their attention to commercial catering equipment. And calls a market leading supplier for advice. “No capital outlay” they hear. ”All repair bills included”. Before being told that combi-cooking reduces burning and wastage, and locks nutrition into the high volumes of food being prepared.

Having taken the time to consider more than just the price tag, our owner/manager wonders why they didn’t call JLA sooner…

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