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Hotel Hit with £265k Fine for Food Safety Breaches

The owners of the iconic Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool have been slapped with a six-figure fine after environmental health officials discovered seven different violations of food safety regulations over the course of three inspections.

The Caterer has reported that Britannia Hotels, the parent company of the Adelphi Hotel, admitted to the offences in court last week. The hotel group was charged with breaching the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations Act 2015 and was ordered to pay a fine of £232,500 as well as costs of £34,831.

The first visit from the council, which took place in September 2015, revealed that insects were found in the kitchen’s hot cupboard, and that there was a severe “build-up of food debris and grease”. A second visit in March 2016 uncovered mice and rat droppings through the kitchen as well as the dining areas, while a third visit in September of that same year revealed live cockroaches near the restaurant’s dishwasher. The hotel restaurant received a zero rating for food hygiene during this time.

The situation in the Adelphi’s kitchen was described as “an embarrassment to the city” and that the way it was run “made Fawlty Towers look like a five-star hotel” by Councillor Steve Munby. He continued on to say that “it seems like they [the hotel owners] had a blatant disregard for hygiene standards, despite the efforts of our environmental health officers….the level of the fine for the owner reflects the seriousness of the charge.”

The Adelphi Hotel was last inspected by the council in March 2017 and currently has a food rating of two out of five.

The case of the Adelphi serves as a reminder to businesses everywhere that food safety should be the top priority for any commercial kitchen. Risking the health, or even the lives, of your guests is simply unacceptable and carries the potential for fines that could bankrupt your business.


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