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Pub Company Fined for Gas Safety Breaches

Pub company hit with a £25,000 fine after pleading guilty to an offence under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The oven in the kitchen of the Three Crowns Pub in Wisborough Green, owned by Sussex Pub Management, had not been properly serviced, and in November 2015 a chef was injured when the oven exploded. His clothes were singed as he was thrown across the kitchen by the force of the blast and he suffered burns to his hands, arms and face.

An investigation launched by Chichester District Council found that there had been numerous health and safety issues regarding the propane oven. It had no flame failure device, which is a breach of Gas Safety regulations, the top ring of the oven could not be turned off at the source, the remote ignition system did not work, and a contractor who repaired the oven was not on the Gas Safe register. 

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Commenting on the case, Councillor Carol Purnell remarked: ‘This was a shocking breach of work health and safety law and several people could have died. Sadly, this was a completely preventable accident if the company had acted early to ensure the gas oven was safe to use…health and safety laws are there to protect employees and the company failed in its legal duties.’ 

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In addition to the fine, Sussex Pub Management was ordered to pay legal costs of £6,289.50 and £300 in compensation to the injured chef, bringing the total cost to the company to £31,589.50.

The financial costs incurred by Sussex Pub Management serve as a stark reminder to commercial kitchens and caterers that gas safety is of the utmost importance. The cost of a Gas Safety check is far lower than the fines you could face for non-compliance and negligence – and you will be preventing needless injury and death in the process. 

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