Whether you are catering for a large or small number of covers, the Bain Marie - a 'water bath' appliance for keeping food warm - is a must have piece of commercial kitchen equipment. A Bain Marie maintains consistent and reliable heat (with dry options if you, which makes it perfect for keeping dishes on display at the optimum temperature after cooking...ready for plating during busy service periods.

Benefits of a Bain Marie

  • Keep food warm and display for instant serving when needed
  • Hold pre-cooked 'batch' foods like curry or chilli
  • Reduce food waste by keeping food heated for long periods
  • Increase efficiency by cooking batches instead of to order dishes
  • Easy cleaning with stainless steel design
  • Ideal for front-of house display - in buffets or canteens
  • Great addition to restaurant and hotel kitchens 
  • Portable for flexible use and easy storage in settings with changing demand
  • User-friendly controls - easy for chefs, cooks and general staff to work with
  • Wet and dry heat options with various capacities
  • Attractive design for professional displays in public catering areas

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The ideal catering kit - front or back-of-house

As well as making a great addition to restaurant and other hospitality kitchens, JLA’s commercial electric Bain Marie range is ideal for self-serve and assisted serve environments, allowing diners to view the selection of food on offer (canteen-style) as well as serving high volumes of diners that require food at the same time - for example in hotels, care homes, schools and hospitals.

The JLA range of stainless steel Bains Marie come in a wide variety of configurations – whether you are looking for 1/1 GN or 1/6, wet heat or dry heat options or a Bain Marie that is part of an existing counter installation. We can also supply hot cupboards and hot plates to complement your Bain Marie, as well as high quality, reliable commercial 'servery' warmers for mass catering food display to suit you and your business.

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Our customers often ask...

What is the difference between a wet and a dry Bain Marie?

Wet heat Bain Marie models

Traditionally, a Bain Marie heating system uses wet heat (either hot water or steam) to heat the basin and form a 'bath' - or a kind of mini sauna if steam is used - for the food you need to display or keep heated.  

Dry heat Bain Marie models

As an alternative, dry heat Bains Marie use heating elements - just like a small hob or stove - to keep gastronorm pans and batch-cooked dishes at service temperature. 

Why do they call it a Bain Marie?

The name 'Bain Marie' is Latin term for for 'Mary's Bath' (Balneum)...and we've adopted the French 'Bain de Marie' or Bain-Marie.

Can you cook in a Bain Marie?

While not specifically designed to cook, a Bain Marie is ideal for some of the more delicate food prep, heating and baking tasks in your commercial kitchen thanks to gentler heat distribution. Here are five uses you might not expect for this versatile piece of catering equipment...

  1. Heating custard or gravy slowly to avoid 'skin'
  2. Gently melt chocolate to avoid splitting
  3. Bake cheesecakes gently to prevent cracking
  4. Thicken condensed milk for baking or desserts
  5. Warm sauces like Hollandaise without curdling

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