cOMMERCiAL Hot Plates

When reviewing your professional kitchen equipment for replacement or refurbishment, choosing the right cooktop and 'keep-warm' kit is essential to achieve great results, display covers at their best and keep food-flow constant. Whether you’re operating a small café, care home kitchen or busy restaurant, having a high quality commercial hot plate that you can rely on every day and night for efficient food prep is vital. At JLA we can supply, install, maintain and fix a range of heavy-duty countertop hot plate options (and 'plate warmer alternatives') in sizes to suit your catering area.

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Types of commercial hot plate

Cooktop 'hob' hot plate - food preparation

An electric countertop hot plate - also known as a boiler top - is designed to give you full flexibility and convenience with a portable 'hob' that's easy to introduce to an existing kitchen layout, or bring out when extra demand requires extra cooking capacity with a single, double or multiple ring model. This type of commercial hot plate is ideal for smaller cafes and outside catering businesses, and can also come in handy for show-cooking or chef training. This option is also worth considering if you need a simple way to keep food warm in the kitchen but don't require a front-of-house display/service model.

'Servery' hot plate - food storage and display

A 'servery' style commercial hot plate will keep your food warm after cooking to help you manage the flow of your covers for assisted service, or display your dishes in their best light for self-service in busy settings. You can easily set the temperature you need using simple controls, which means you can keep plates, buffet platters and even jugs of coffee at their best for longer without compromising on quality or flavour.

Benefits of a commercial hot plate from JLA

  • Portable convenience whether cooking or keeping warm
  • High quality, robust stainless steel for a long life operation
  • Excellent conduction of heat for good energy efficiency
  • Models available for use in both permanent and mobile catering operations
  • Gas and electric options to suit your needs
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces for hygienic food storage and attractive displays

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Whether you’re searching for an extra portable hob, a small countertop 'plate warmer' model or a larger 'servery' commercial electric hot plate to display carvery meats or buffet foods, we’re sure to have something that perfectly suits your needs in a machines range that is designed specifically for professional caterers.

As the UK's leading catering equipment supplier we also stock a range of bain marie, burner, griddle, hot cupboard and induction hob products, as well as modular stainless steel tables and worktops, to match your electric countertop hot plate. Contact us now for more details and claim your FREE catering equipment review.

We can offer tailored packages for any requirement in any business, so if you need to replace essential kitchen appliances pleas ask us about switching from a capital spend to a monthly 'all-inclusive' payment plan - Total Care.

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