Utensil and Potwashers

Keep your pots, pans, gastronorm trays and other equipment sparkling clean with our commercial utensil/potwashers. With cycle times from just 2 minutes, you’ll be able to process everything quickly and efficiently so that you can keep your cookline moving along smoothly instead of worrying about how to clean up everything you need to make mealtimes perfect.


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Commercial Utensil & potwashers

Warewashers with a choice of cycles to tackle demand in any catering environment

Giving you hundreds of clean pots, pans and trays per hour, our ‘Intense’ warewashers can tackle large volumes with the minimum of fuss, with a range of cabinet sizes available

Thoughtful basket design, high load capacity and speedy cycles all maximise throughput and save time in any catering set-up.

Jla Ww15 Utensil Pot Washer