Combi Ovens

Cook more food more efficiently with our range of commercial combi ovens, which offer you the ability to bake, roast, steam and regenerate large quantities of food. Our combi ovens feature wider-capacity cooking chambers and flexible rack arrangements to help you cover busy service periods, as well as smart humidity and temperature sensors so that every meal turns out perfectly every time you turn on your combi oven.


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Multi-function Commercial Combi Ovens

Ideal for: commercial kitchens that need extra capacity, ease-of-use, control and performance in a single appliance.

A commercial combi oven from JLA will open up new possibilities in your kitchen, and will complement your existing equipment by adding ‘multi-function’ versatility to every mealtime.

JLA Inteli-Cook combi ovens have a number of differentiated features; most importantly the availability of increased capacity racks which provides 50% more cooking volume which effectively turns a 6 grid combi oven into a 9 grid, a 10 grid combi oven into a 15 grid into a 20 grid. In addition, JLA combi ovens draw water in from the water feed only when it’s needed for steam – removing the need for an integrated boiler which significantly reduces energy costs.

Our Inteli-Compact machines pack high performance power into a footprint that's 40% smaller than a standard combi oven - great for kitchens with limited space. This range also includes single phase options for outlets with limited power supplies.

By choosing a JLA combi oven you’ll benefit from leading edge, award winning technology which is backed up by exceptional engineer support.

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