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Quality Ice made simple.

Self contained ice machines producing gourmet crystal clear supercubes

Designed to the highest specification our ice machines can cope effortlessly with the rigorous demands of any busy bar. Every feature and control provides you with clear pure crystal clear ice, time after time.

Gourmet Ice

The way our Supercuber makes Supercube ice means it is very pure, so it’s crystal clear and long lasting.

The thimble-shaped, patented ‘Gourmet‘ ice cube is pure, hard, compact (with no holes), crystal clear and slow melting. Its fast chilling action and slow dilution make drinks taste better and greatly enhances drink appeal and quality, its so long lasting that you can even use it with ambient drinks like bottled fruit juices

Our Supercubes come in the standard 20g size, perfect for all glass types.

Features and Benefits:

Ice bin capacity 50% of daily production

The bin capacity is fundamental to the correct choice of ice machine. Typically ice consumption is not regular throughout the day, so it is advisable to specify a size of ice bin capable of meeting peak demand. An ice bin that holds 50% of the total daily output of the unit is the ideal choice, a choice that in most cases allows the user to meet all ice requirements through the working day.

Condenser Air Filter

In order to avoid the progressive volume reduction of ice production, the condenser air filter must be kept free from dust accumulation. Our air-cooled machines feature an air filter housed in the proximity of the condenser to stop accumulation of dust. Highly efficient and user-friendly, the filter can easily be removed from the front side of the unit and the ‘clean me’ light notifies when the filter needs cleaning. Removing the filter and washing it under a tap is a one-minute job!

HSS - Horizontal Spray System

Minerals which are naturally contained in water affect the clarity of ice and can result in unattractive white cubes. The HSS sprays water onto the horizontal evaporator, where only the purest particles of water are transformed into ice: the result is solid, slow-melting crystal clear cubes.

WPS - Water Purity System

During the freezing process, the purest water is the first to freeze, while residual water and minerals flow back into the water sump. The Water Purity System flushes the water sump clean before each production cycle, resulting in quality crystal clear cubes throughout the life of the machine.

ESS - Energy Saving System

The ESS system optimises the efficiency of the production cycle, improving the quality of the ice and reducing operating costs.

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