Catering Detergents Auto Dosing (FOG) Degrader

Make sure that you’re removing every trace of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) from your catering equipment with our auto-dosing FOG degrader system. Designed to break down FOGs before they can clog your drains (or the local sewer), this system injects a pre-programmed dose of bacteria-based degrader into your kitchen drains after you have shut down your equipment for the day.


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The perfect combination: The JLA FOG Degrader System

The hassle free solution to FOG problems in your commercial kitchen - ensuring you meet the regulation requirements and meet British Water Code of Practice Guidelines.

JLA FOG Degrader

  • A naturally occurring bacterial degrader specially developed to combat all fats, oils and greases in your kitchen

JLA Autodose System

  • The perfect autodose system for precise dosing everytime
  • Mains and Battery operated in the SAME unit!
  • Compact unit – can be installed almost anywhere
  • Easy to use and pre programmed

Auto Dosing Fog Degrader