Catering Detergents Auto Dosing Pumps

Our auto-dosing pumps for catering detergents are designed to help commercial kitchens get the most out of the chemicals they use to clean their cutlery, crockery, glassware and other cooking equipment. Use just as much dishwashing or glasswashing liquid as you need and ensure perfect wash results!


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Catering Auto-Dosing Pumps

Make your commercial kitchen more economical reduce spills and wastage by introducing catering auto-dosing pumps for detergents.

Our detergents team will create a custom-tailored solution for your kitchen that meets the specific needs of your site, taking into account issues such as water types and racks of plates cleaned per hour. You’ll get the perfect amount of detergent in every wash without having to even open a bottle or tub.

Features and Benefits:

  • Better cleaning results – know exactly how much detergent you need for every wash
  • Safer – staff handle fewer chemicals, reducing the risk of harm and injury
  • Less wastage – exact dosing for every wash cycle and reduced risk of pilfering
  • Complete control over detergent use in your kitchen

Catering Auto Dosing Pumps