Catering Detergents Dishwasher Descaler

Banish limescale from your kettles, coffee machines, dishwashers and other catering equipment with our professional descaler. In addition to removing undesirable limescale build-up in your commercial catering machines, it can also improve your dishwasher’s performance – a must for hard-water areas.


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Commercial Dishwasher Powder Descaler

JLA ULTRA Powder Descaler has been specifically designed and developed to effectively clean, restore and descale all types of catering equipment and washing machines. It is designed for use in professional kitchens and catering establishments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for use on dishwashers, urns, kettles, jugs, washing machines, irons, showerheads and coffee machines
  • Fast and effective on limescale
  • Removes hard water scale from metal surfaces

Ultra Dishwasher Descaler