Laundry Detergents Wash Boost

Reduce the effects of hard water on your laundry with JLA’s wash boost. Designed to improve the performance of detergents and emulsifiers in hard-water areas, our wash boost will help remove soiling and stains while ensuring that you don’t have to use more detergent than you have to.


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Detergents Alkali Wash Booster

Our commercial alkali wash booster is designed to increase the level of alkali in the water reducing the effects of hard water and can be used with any liquid or powder detergent.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces effects of hard water on wash quality
  • Improves removal of soiling, especially food and fat stains
  • Suitable for use in all water conditions
  • Can be combined with detergents or emulsifiers

Ultra Alkali Laundry Wash Booster