Otex Detergents Fabric Conditioner

Improve fabric quality, make ironing easier and extend linen life with our OTEX-compatible fabric conditioner. Designed to perform best in cool wash cycles, this fabric conditioner has a pleasant scent and helps keep laundry fresh.


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Fabric Conditioner - Specially designed for JLA OTEX Ozone disinfection

JLA OTEX Fabric Conditioner is specifically developed for use with the JLA OTEX ozone disinfection system. It enhances softness for superior comfort in your laundry, whilst the pleasant fragrance adds long-lasting freshness. Working in synergy with the JLA OTEX system, JLA OTEX Fabric Conditioner extends fabric life, which over time can result in significant cost savings. For added convenience, it reduces static and makes ironing easier and faster.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhances softness for superior comfort
  • Extends fabric life
  • Reduces drying time
  • Reduces static
  • Makes ironing easier
  • Adds fragrance for long lasting freshness
  • Works in synergy with OTEX for fresher laundry

Otex Fabric Conditioner