Commercial Laundry and Catering Detergents

Even the best and most efficient commercial laundry and catering equipment will need commercial detergents to match. That’s why we offer a range of destainers, laundry liquids and powders, wash boosters and fabric softeners, as well as a range of dishwashing and glasswashing liquids and rinse aids. Explore our range and see how we can help keep your laundry fresh and kitchen sparkling.


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Commercial laundry and Catering Detergents

JLA’s range of specially formulated detergents have been developed and designed to work at their best with our equipment, as well as enhancing the performance of any other commercial machine that you may already have on-site.

With decades of experience, and a team of in-house experts our range of commercial detergents have been created with your needs in mind to give you the best wash in every wash.

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