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Improve efficiency, in any on-premise laundry.

With a wide range of dryers available, and different features and sizes designed to meet any business requirement, JLA gives you everything you need to do laundry more efficiently.

Capacities from 5 to 140kg mean all usage levels are catered for, and because we know that laundry requirements can change at any time, we’ve made it possible to create new customised programmes when the need arises.

S.A.F.E dryers – unique to JLA

JLA’s S.A.F.E (Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing) system is the result of intense research and development in response to the growing number of fires in commercial dryers – estimated at around one a day by the Government.

Two sensors detect any significant change in temperature, and activate a sophisticated water vapour mechanism that soaks laundry to extinguish a fire within 3 minutes. No flooding ever takes place, so the risk of damage to your property through tumble dryer fire is eliminated.

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