JLA OTEX - Ozone disinfection

Our ground-breaking OTEX ozone disinfection system has transformed the way laundry rooms in hospitals, care homes and other hygiene-focussed commercial organisations manage infection control. Compatible with many of our commercial washing machines, OTEX eliminates harmful micro-organisms from laundry during cool wash cycles. Our OTEX system means you achieve complete validated disinfection on every cycle, save on utility bills and extend the life of the fabrics you launder as well as reducing your carbon footprint.


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OTEX Ozone Disinfection System

No other system disinfects laundry more effectively… or efficiently.

Developed by our own internationally acknowledged technicians, chemists and infection control experts, OTEX disinfects more effectively than any conventional thermal alternative. It does this by turning oxygen from the air around us into ozone, and injecting it into your washing machine’s drum to kill 99.999% of harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, E.Coli, Norovirus and C.difficile spores.

While traditional thermal cycles use high water temperatures and may need harsh bleaching agents to remove stains, our eco-friendly solution works at low or ambient temperatures. Our integrated validation system provides you with confirmation of disinfection on every cycle - giving you complete peace of mind.

The ultimate infection control solution, pure and simple