Commercial Irons

Our commercial irons offer high quality finishes for your linens – as well as higher throughput – and are perfect for on-premise laundries in care homes, healthcare, hotels, guesthouses and boarding schools.


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Commercial ironers

(30 l/hr – 1.4 to 2.1m)

Ideal for: table linen, bedding and towels flatwork where a superior level of quality is required, and where larger flatwork needs to be processed without folding

Variable speed control gives you flexibility and large throughput capability, while Nomex padding gives you reassurance. Some equipment in our range also incorporates the smaller dryer ironer, which cuts the need for drying where a bigger volume of laundry needs to be processed.

Jla 1 5 Iron | Jla 1 9 Iron | Jla 2 1 Iron | Jla 1423 Iron | Jla 1623 Iron