JLA FXB 240 Barrier Washer

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The JLA FXB 240 barrier washer is an ideal solution for laundry rooms where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Designed to keep soiled and clean laundry separate, the machine itself is installed into a physical wall to create a barrier between the loading and unloading stages of the wash cycle. This minimises the risk of linen becoming re-contaminated after washing.

The JLA FXB 240 is also compatible with our OTEX ozone disinfection system, which can eliminate 99.999% of micro-organisms like C.Diff and MRSA.

Product details
JLA FXB 240 Barrier Washer
Capacity (Kg/lb)
Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
Net Weight (Kg)
Drum Volume (m3/ltr)
G.Force (Gs)
Door Opening (mm Ø)
Electrics - 9kW Heater (Volt/ph/Amp)
Electrics - 6kW Heater (Volt/ph/Amp)
Electrics - Steam Heated (Volt/ph/Amp)
Electrics - 12kW Heater (Volt/ph/Amp)
Electrics - 9kW Heater (Volt/ph/Amp)
Electrics - 18kW Heater (Volt/ph/Amp)
Electrics - 24kW Heater (Volt/ph/Amp)
No. of Water Connections (cold/hot)
Size (“BSP)
Drain Connection (mm Ø)
Steam Rating Kg (lb/cycle)
Connection Size (“BSP)