Industrial Washing Machines

JLA’s industrial washing machines are designed for continuous operation. At any time of the day or night, our industrial washers will be up to the task of processing linens and giving you the best possible wash quality.


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Industrial washers

(45-90kg capacity)

Ideal for: washing over 8 loads per day (up to 24hr operation)

Big loads don’t need to be a big problem – just trust one of our first-class industrial machines to give you large-scale wash quality, cycle after cycle.

Wash extra large volumes easily, and let our industrial machines take the strain of laundry pile-ups.

All our heavy-duty equipment is designed to cope with the demands of commercial laundry or high-turnover on-premise use. With robust build quality, world-class engineering and easy-to-use features that you might expect to see on smaller models, this range will keep your laundry going day after day, night after night.

The ultimate infection control and energy-efficiency is also available thanks to our ground-breaking OTEX ozone laundry solution's compatibility across this range.

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