Stacked Washer Dryers

Save space in your commercial laundry room with our washer/dryer stacked systems. These machines fit neatly on top of each other to give you two pieces of equipment in the space of one.


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Stacked washers & dryers

JLA space-savers: Double or triple your laundry capacity without using extra floor space

JLA space-savers

We understand that certain business environments need specific solutions to fit into smaller spaces.

Our insights into the layouts and floorplans of on-premise laundries has allowed us to develop specialised 'towers' that solve the problem of limited square footage. Whatever your business type and whatever the size of your on premise laundry, JLA's stacked machines can be supplied in washer/dryer and dryer/dryer combinations. Designed to be as efficient and cost-effective as our single machines, these stacks will allow you to increase profits by adding more capacity to your coin-operated laundry, cope with extra throughput without having to change your existing layout, add tables or storage for detergents or laundry sorting baskets, or simply make more space for staff who use the machines every day.


Stacked commercial washer/dryers

Double or triple your laundry capacity without using up valuable extra floor space.

With a number of capacity combinations available, you can choose a specially designed stacked washer/dryer system to fit your needs – as well as your business layout.

JLA's stacked washer/dryer systems are ideal for:

  • Installation in limited space
  • Reducing wash-dry times
  • Emergency back-of-house use – staff uniforms

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