Dryer Duct Cleaning

Reduce the risk of a fire in your laundry room, comply with safety regulations and increase your dryer's efficiency by scheduling a duct clean from JLA.

It’s important to keep your dryer ducts as clean as possible in order to meet risk assessment standards, satisfy requirements from your insurer and maintain peak machine efficiency.

As you use your dryer, the ducting system will remove the moisture and lint from your laundry, but over time the lint will start to build up and reduce airflow. This causes the dryer to expend more energy and, if no preventative action is taken, this could lead to the dryer overheating and the lint catching fire.

Our engineers can visit you at your convenience to clean your dryer ducts to make your machines compliant with existing fire safety regulations and improve your machine's efficiency.

Your dryer duct clean will cover the following

  • Visual inspection of the dryer ductwork
  • Removal of lint and other debris from the ductwork
  • Cleaning of ductwork and filters
  • Report of work carried out on dryer ducts

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that you must carry out fire safety risk assessments
and keep them up to date. This includes an inspection and assessment of the ductwork and performing maintenance as required to ensure that your laundry room is safe. 

Insurers are also increasingly asking for proof of dryer duct cleaning from their policy holders. Fires caused by poor or no maintenance of the dryer ducts could mean that your insurance policy won't pay out.

Simply put, you can’t afford to ignore this critical aspect of laundry room maintenance. Call us today to arrange a dryer duct clean to help you meet current fire safety regulations.