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Why Upgrade Your Commercial Boiler?

Heating and hot water are some of the largest operating costs that businesses will face, and as bills continue to rise, many will be looking for ways to try and cut down on expenses without sacrificing comfort.

While smart energy use is important, there’s another great move that could save up to 30 percent on your heating bills – upgrading to a new commercial boiler from JLA.

What is a Condensing Boiler?

All boilers sold in the UK must now be condensing models, as these are the most energy-efficient on the market. Non-condensing boilers have a typical operating efficiency between 60-69%, which means that they have to work harder to provide heating. The harder they work to provide heat, the more energy they consume – resulting in a higher utilities bill.

Commercial heating technology has improved immensely in the last decade, with new condensing boilers and water heaters operating between 96-98% efficiency. That’s an energy savings of at least 30% just for switching to a new model.

New Commercial Boilers from JLA: Key Features

JLA’s commercial boilers aren’t just more energy efficient – they’re intelligent.

  • Condensing technology lets vapours that would have normally been lost through the flue gases to be used to heat the return flow water.
  • Modulation technology only allows your boiler to fire up to a certain level to meet demand. For example, if you needed a ten-degree increase in heat, the modulation technology may choose to use only 30% of the kW power, and can then taper up or down by single digits, saving more energy.
  • Weather compensation uses additional sensors fitted to the outside of your premises. This provides the boiler system with additional information about the outside air temperature and weather conditions.  The boiler system can then “decide” how much power to use as opposed to relying on pre-programmed heating times.
  • Digital controls let you take charge of the settings at the touch of a button. You’ll get bespoke programming that meets the heating and hot water needs of your premises. The result? Your system will be working as efficiently as possible within the parameters of the demands you’ve placed on it.
  • All new JLA boilers have been awarded an A-class rating under the ERP directive, which means they are extremely energy-efficient. You'll save money and do your part for the environment as well!

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