Commercial Dishwashers

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Say hello to a sparkling kitchen.

Spotless dishes matter as much as the quality of the food you serve, so make sure that you keep everything sparkling by buying or renting a high-quality commercial dishwasher for your kitchen.

Where space is at a premium, we offer undercounter dishwashers that can process hundreds of plates per hour. When hygiene matters, we provide thermal models equipped with disinfection cycles in order to give you peace of mind.

If you have a high demand for clean plates and crockery, choose our passthrough dishwashers, which give you the ability to process thousands of plates per hour. With cycle times from as low as 60 seconds, they’re perfect for kitchens where increased throughput is a must.

Fresh, Hygienic and Reliable Performance

All of our dishwashers have been designed with long-term performance in mind. No one demands more from their machines than we do; that's why we've devoted so much effort to researching and developing equipment that gets your plates, crockery and cutlery perfectly clean every time you press the "start" button. Say goodbye to washing up by hand and hello to a faster, brighter cleaning process.

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Whether you need speedy wash cycles, extended hygiene rinse cycles, eco-wash programmes or built-in water softeners, there’s a commercial dishwasher from JLA that will work for you.

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