Commercial Fryers

Whip up tasty treats for your customers with our range of electric and gas fryers.
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Crispy fish, golden chips, moreish chicken...

A commercial fryer is vital for creating delicious treats that ensure that your customers keep coming back. JLA offers freestanding and countertop fryers designed to handle the pressure of commercial kitchens where fried products are popular menu items.

We’ve bundled quite a few useful features into our gas and electric fryers, including:

  • A food debris collection zone to prolong the life of your frying oil
  • A safety thermostat that cuts power if the oil overheats
  • Pilot flame operation with piezo ignition for ease of use
  • Easy-to-clean drain valves that make oil removal simple
  • Gas or electric models available for your convenience

We offer single- and twin-basket commercial fryers to help you turn out batch after batch of delicious chips, onion rings and other fried foods, no matter what the size of your kitchen. A range of floor-standing and countertop models are available to ensure that every commercial outlet can find a fryer that perfectly fits their needs.

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Whether you run a busy chip shop, a canteen or a hotel kitchen, there's a commercial fryer that will suit you - let JLA help you find one.

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