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With wedding season round the corner, and a couple’s big day hanging in the balance - never has impressing your guests been more important. Here we take you through some of the key things to consider in 2019.

What’s hot in wedding food this year:

1. High protein

Mirroring mainstream food trends, high protein dishes are appearing more and more in wedding breakfasts, with everything from lentils to chickpeas and quinoa.

2. Fake-aways

Whether it’s the main meal or the late night offering for party guests, dishes reflecting the happy couple’s favourite Saturday night treat without the grease and lacklustre presentation of their local takeaway, are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Brunch

Not only is brunch becoming an increasingly popular choice for socialising in general but with weddings happening earlier in the day to limit damage to the bank balance, it is no surprise that wedding guests are being treated to a brunch menu after watching their loved ones tie the knot.

4. Vegan

More and more people are taking up veganism and with the likes of Veganuary and supermarket innovations in this area, the demand is increasing when it comes to weddings too - so it is important to ensure you are knowledgeable enough to meet these needs.

5. Grazing Tables

Modernising the traditional buffet, grazing tables are the new concept on the block and appeal to couples who want to turn the social atmosphere of their wedding breakfast up a notch by sacrificing some of the formalities of a 3-course meal. With local produce often a key component, it can make a fantastic talking point too.

6. Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is a well-established trend and couples looking for something more informal for their guests often opt for the tea and cake approach. The key to doing this well is high quality ingredients and presentation.

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What are the key things wedding guests expect?

No matter the type of food served, there are a handful of fundamentals that any hotel needs to get right.


While it can be tempting to put all your effort into delighting the top table, the bride and groom will be expecting that all of their guests have the same standard of meals with the hope that everyone is raving about it afterwards. Make sure your kitchen is equipped to deliver a large number of covers at once. Top tip: a combi oven is ideal for managing timings across a large number of covers.

Ultimate taste

At the end of the day, the most important thing when it comes to wedding food is the taste so this shouldn’t be compromised in order to deliver on everything else. Top tip: A combi oven locks in flavour as well as all the vitamins and nutrients which means you can be sure you’re serving the best tasting dish every time.


A wedding day is planned with precision and the last thing you want is for the food to be the thing that delays the Best Man’s Speech or the First Dance. Top tip: combi ovens can monitor the stop watch while you get busy with other tasks.

Hot, hot, hot

As with any meal, no one wants a luke warm plate of food which can be difficult to manage with so much going on. Top tip: hot trolleys can be invaluable here.


Wedding guests expect the food to look as beautiful as the bride. Making sure the equipment in your kitchen helps you keep a timely service can help you leave the necessary time at the end to put in the effort needed.