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How you can get market-leading heating equipment for no upfront cost: 

JLA understand that upgrading your heating system is not an easy decision to make and can be a very time consuming process. If you need a new heating system but you're worried about the capital contribution you may need then JLA is the best option as we provide market-leading, energy-efficient equipment for no capital outlay.

We also know that this isn't the only consideration when upgrading your heating system. There are many things to understand, such as the breakdowns that can occur as your boiler ages, and what actions you would need to take and the costs you would incur.

Things to consider when upgrading your heating system: 

1. Large upfront investments 

As a business, we understand that investing in a new heating system can cost thousands of pounds and even a commercial heating grant may not cover the whole cost of the installtion and new equipment. Having to spend a lot of money upront could have a big impact on your business and is not ideal as you could be investing money in other areas of your business. 

Commercial heating grant


2. Long acceptance process for grants 

To make sure your business is able to receieve a commercial grant, a lengthy process must be undertaken to ensure your business qualifys for the relevant grant. If your business is not accepted then the lengthy process will start again. Commercial heating grants have certain criteria that your business must meet.

3. Breakdown Solution

With all heating systems, it is important to consider what could potentially happen in the future. Unfortunetly, heating systems can have problems and could need remedial work completing which could have a large cost impact on your business. It is important to consider whether you will have the cost of breakdonws covered within the investment you would get from a commercial heating grant. 

JLA's Total Care solution means you don't ever need to worry about your heating. Here's why:

1. With Market-leading, energy-efficient equipment, JLA heating products will ensure your business is never left without heating or hot water. Our boilers are deisgned to be relibale and efficient with easy to use features. 

2. JLA have invested in a 24/7 support line to ensure it is easy for you to report a problem should one occur. We will ensure we never leave you without heating or hot water and your business can keep up and running in the event of a problem.

3. Our dedicated Gas Safe engineers will be out to your heating equipment within 4 hours of your reporting a problem, day or night, meaning your business can keep running without any interruption.

4. You never need to worry about repair bills with our Total Care solution for heating. We provide a fully-inclusive breakdown cover with a no wear-or-tear clause, so should you need a repair to your boiler or heating system we will come and fix the problem with no unexpected costs or bills at a later date. 

5.  Annual gas safety checks - We know that keeping your business compliant can be a stressful, time consuming and costly. That is why we have included an annual gas safety check as part of the Total Care package, meaning your equipment will constantly be complaint and hassle free. 

Boiler breakdown cover

With JLA, you will have a no capital outlay solution and could earn up to £2,500 cashback, meaning you will have a hassle free solution that gives you complete peace of mind. 

YOU'LL GET:Total care

  • Breakdown response within 4 hours – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Our guarantee that we’ll never leave you without heating or hot water
  • Market-leading, energy-efficient condensing boilers
  • Fully-inclusive breakdown cover with no wear-and-tear clause
  • Annual gas safety checks to ensure you remain compliant

Best of all, you’ll get complete peace of mind for a simple monthly payment.

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*Cash back amount will vary depending on size of upgrade. Upgrade must be agreed before 31st March 2018.