Developed in 2004 at the height of public concern over the rise of healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs) such as C.diff, MRSA and E.Coli, OTEX is a patented laundry infection control solution for health and social care. It uses the natural power of ozone to eliminate harmful micro-organisms from laundry during cool wash cycles – and research has shown that it’s just as effective as thermal disinfection.

To date, OTEX is the only ozone laundry system to receive RRP1 status from the Department of Health.

That means that OTEX has been recommended for NHS use to help reduce HCAIs within hospitals, clinics and surgeries, where applicable. No other laundry system has been awarded this status.

In addition to reducing the risk of cross-infection, you’ll make significant savings on utilities such as gas, electricity and hot water. Because OTEX uses cool water to wash and disinfect laundry, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint – a key concern for hospitals and clinics striving to meet sustainability targets.

OTEX also preserves fabric quality and extends the life of your microfibre mops, staff uniforms, hospital gowns and other linens. This can further reduce your operating costs, which is essential in an era of tight budgets.

How OTEX Works

Discover how JLA’s OTEX system works and how your laundry room could benefit from this fantastic technology:

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What Our OTEX Customers Say

Thousands of UK care homes, hospitals and clinics have transformed the way they do laundry thanks to OTEX. See what they have to say:

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With OTEX, you'll get fresh, hygienic and disinfected laundry every time.

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