JLA Sanitiser

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Use the power of nature for a more effective method of air and surface cleaning.

The JLA Sanitiser quickly and easily eliminates harmful micro-organisms from surfaces that might be hard to reach or otherwise disinfect. It uses the power of ozone to provide effective decontamination whilst also removing offensive odours.

Discover the benefits of the Sanitiser, and how you could put it to use in your own business, by watching our videos:

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What Makes the JLA Sanitiser Different?

Ozone is a powerful natural disinfectant. When used in cleaning regimes for commercial premises, it's far more effective than UV systems. The JLA Sanitiser offers several benefits:

  • Portability - the Sanitiser is equipped with a handle and rollers so it can be easily moved from room to room
  • Ease of use - simply select the room size and the desired cycle length to start the cleaning process
  • Cost-efficiency - gathers oxygen from the surrounding air and turns it into ozone, enhancing your cleaning regime for little added cost
  • Better performance - no other ozone generator or room fogger works as well in high-humidity conditions than the Sanitiser
  • Thorough - ozone can penetrate areas that are unreachable with routine cleaning, such as crevices
  • No dangerous residues - once the cleaning cycle is finished, the ozone in the room quickly breaks down into oxygen
  • Safe - the Sanitiser comes complete with remote indicators which let you know when the room is safe to re-enter

How the JLA Sanitiser Works

Find out why countless businesses trust the JLA Sanitiser.

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