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JLA Hygiene Solutions

Our range of sanitisers, bedpan washers and medical macerators have been specially developed to provide fast, efficient infection control for complete reassurance in the care and healthcare sectors.

Combined with our market-leading support and nationwide engineer back-up, these user-friendly solutions will take away operational ‘pain-points’, ensure robust infection control processes that meet National Minimum Care Standards and leave staff free to concentrate on front-end care.

JLA Sanitiser

Portable and easy-to-use, JLA’s Sanitiser is an all-in-one solution that eliminates both germs and odours easily. Using the natural disinfection properties of ozone, the system removes unwanted bacteria from the air and surfaces with none of the damage, smells or harmful chemical residue that can come with using traditional methods.

Bedpan washers

Whether you need to wash one, two or three utensils at a time, we have exactly the right machine to help you.Our range of bedpan washers have been designed to process reusable items quickly and avoid utensil queuing, as well as protecting staff, residents and patients against cross-infection.

Medical macerators

Our Cyclone pulp disposal technology allows you to process single-use bedpans, bottles and other items in under a minute, while our Cyclone incontinence disposal equipment means you can dispose of sanitary items and nappies quickly and easily.

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