We know that one-at-a-time machines aren’t suitable for every healthcare or care environment, which is why we offer robust bedpan washer-disinfectors that will process one, two or three utensils at a time with 5 minute cycles.

All healthcare environments, from care homes and hospices to hospitals and clinics, face similar challenges when it comes to cleaning reusable bedpans, pots, bottles and trays - yet we also know that a one-size solution doesn’t fit all. That is why we have developed a range of commercial bedpan washers that deliver exceptional levels of hygiene in all healthcare settings and protect staff, residents and patients from the risk of cross-infection.

What is a bedpan washer?

As an alternative to manual sluicing and yellow bag waste and incontinence disposal, an automatic bedpan washer is a self-contained appliance that can clean and disinfect multiple bedpans at the same time to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

A bedpan washer works in much the same way a dishwasher does, with rotating wash arms spraying water onto your bedpans at pressure to remove waste. Dirty water is then drained away. To help you thoroughly disinfect reusable items quickly and easily at the touch of a button, our WRAS approved bedpan washer disinfectors have cycles that reach 83oC to ensure thermal disinfection of multiple items at a time. Our robust, stainless steel bedpan washer disinfectors are compact and top-loading with a hassle-free foot pedal operation for maximum convenience and protection.

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