The JLA 'Cyclone Pulp' care and hospital macerators

JLA’s powerful range of medical macerators allows the efficient and hygienic disposal of single use medical items such as bedpans and urine bottles in under a minute, reducing the risk of cross-infection in care and healthcare sluice rooms.

The WRAS approved machines reliably eliminate cross-infection at the touch of a button with medical pulp waste disposed of simply and safely. Using a A medical macerator can also reduce the inconvenience and unpleasantness of yellow waste bag build-up which can pose a cross-contamination risk when carried through communal areas to a central bin store (which can pose its own infection control challenges).

Hospitals, care homes and other healthcare environments can achieve valuable cost savings as a result of its cold water process and minimum water usage.The Cyclone macerators are a WRAS approved, cost-effective hygienic pulp waste disposal method which allows you to process single-use bedpans, urine bottles and other items in under a minute - removing the risks of cross-infection associated with carrying waste through communal areas to a central bin store.