Thermal Disinfection now available in commercial dishwashers

JLA, a leader in infection control for healthcare and care businesses, continues to expand its product offering with a range of new ‘Spirit TD’ thermal disinfection tank dishwashers. Designed especially forward end use to help staff carry out daily tasks in line with compliance guidelines.

Unlike dishwashers that don’t feature thermal disinfection, and may therefore only achieve limited ‘surface cleanliness’, JLA’s new additions give care homes & hospitals the optimum method of killing micro-organisms, using a specified temperature for a defined time to eradicate the risk of cross-infection within a load, and not only clean but decontaminate plates, crockery and other items to give staff, patients, residents and visitors complete peace of mind that the items they use are free of bacteria.

As Katie Horan, Catering product manager at JLA explains:

“NHS Guidelines for ward end dishwashing stipulate that a cycle should maintain either 65ºC for 10 minutes or 77-82ºC for 2 minutes. But to give businesses unrivalled peace of mind, we’ve gone a stage further and developed special healthcare-oriented programmes on our new dishwashers that achieve both, effectively offering dual disinfection for twice the reassurance.”

JLA has built its understanding of what healthcare customers really need over 40 years as the commercial machine market leader in the sector. Thermal disinfection in its dishwasher range is the latest part of long history of innovations for infection control in laundry and sluice room equipment, which  combine to increase efficiency in terms of combating cross-infection – surely an attractive proposition for the healthcare industry given the significant increase in CQC inspections in wards and care homes and heightened scrutiny on overall hospital standards.

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