Benefits of OTEX

More than a decade after its development, the patented OTEX system remains an innovative force in the field of infection control. Discover the benefits it can bring to your laundry room.

Disinfection Verification

At the end of a successful wash cycle, a receipt is printed to demonstrate that ozone was continuously added into the washing machine drum. These receipts can be retained and presented during inspections to aid in HTM 01-04 and HACCP compliance.

Backed by Scientific Research

Countless studies from microbiologists, teaching hospitals and NHS bodies (including the Rapid Review Panel) have stated that OTEX is the premier laundry disinfection solution for care homes, microfibre mop laundries and other healthcare settings.

Patented Interfusor

The OTEX system uses a patented interfusor to inject ozone directly into the water of the washing machine drum throughout the course of the wash cycle, ensuring that enough ozone is present to carry out the disinfection process.

Easy and Safe to Use

The OTEX system is designed to be extremely user-friendly; once it’s installed, you and your staff won’t have to learn how to use an excessively complicated interface, memorise lots of steps to start a wash or handle irritating chemicals.

Reduced Operating Costs

Because OTEX uses less water and heating to provide complete disinfection of linens, your laundry room will consume less energy, leading to a dramatic decrease in your utility bills and operating costs while ensuring that you maintain a robust infection control process.

Fresh and Hygienic Laundry

The ozone used during the wash process opens up the fibres of the linen to give them a soft, comfortable feel. Ozone is also a powerful disinfectant, eliminating 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds to ensure that you always have fresh, hygienic laundry.

Increased Linen Life

OTEX works best in cool temperatures and leaves less moisture in washed linens, which means that you can use shorter dryer cycles. The reduction in heat, along with the gentler wash process, means that laundry lasts longer while further reducing running costs. A study of microfibre products used in hospital settings demonstrated that their life can be dramatically extended when OTEX is used.

Environmentally Friendly

Ozone doesn’t harm the environment or the public water supply – it has a very short half-life and breaks down into oxygen once its job is done. Better still, by using less water and heat in every wash cycle, you’ll also reduce the carbon footprint of your laundry room.

Peace of Mind

With OTEX, you know that you’ll get fresh, hygienic laundry that lasts longer, from towels to microfibre mops. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’ve achieved complete disinfection of your linens.