Our ground-breaking laundry system has changed the face of infection control.

In 2004, we developed OTEX, our laundry infection control solution that harnesses the power of one of the strongest disinfectants in nature – ozone. OTEX collects oxygen from the air to create ozone, and then injects it via a patented interfusor into the drum of the washing machine, where it eliminates micro-organisms during cool wash cycles.

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Discover how JLA's OTEX system works and how your laundry room can benefit from this fantastic technology. 

OTEX does more than just disinfect laundry – it provides reassurance to different people, in different sectors, for different reasons:

  • The care home owner who gets a print-out of the wash process, providing them with the audit trail they need for CQC inspections.

  • The hospital staff who want to be sure that their staff uniforms, towels and microfibre mops are thoroughly disinfected, reducing the transmission risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs).

  • The veterinarian who needs to be sure that their bedding, blankets and linens are hygienic so that pets are kept happy and healthy.

  • The spa manager who wants to keep utility costs down while providing clean, soft and fluffy towels and bathrobes to guests.

​We were the pioneers of ozone-based laundry disinfection over a decade ago, but it’s not time to sit back and rest on our laurels. We’re always moving forward, constantly assessing the efficiency of our product and exploring new ways to bring cost savings and infection control to more laundry rooms across the UK.

A Brief History of OTEX

Ozone has been a popular method of water supply disinfection for decades, but really only started to appear as a laundry disinfection method in the 1980s and 1990s. As UK market leaders in commercial laundry, we quickly became interested in the idea. Our in-house chemists began several years of research, development and testing.

OTEX was launched in 2004, right at the height of public concern over the rise of HCAIs such as C.diff, MRSA and E.Coli. Hospitals, care homes and clinics needed reassurance that their laundry could be kept clean and hygienic – and OTEX provided a solution.   

In 2009, OTEX received a Department of Health RRP1 recommendation, with the Rapid Review Panel stating that ‘evidence shows that it is more effective than current laundry systems.’ In 2016, we developed OTEX Energy, bringing powerful disinfection, reduced utility bills and increased linen life to hotels, leisure centres, spas, pubs, schools and more.

If you’re interested in the science and research behind the development of OTEX, please visit the
science of OTEX page.