Does a commercial dishwasher require a hood? 

Most commercial dishwashers do not require hoods. However, as with most commercial catering equipment, it depends on a number of things.

When it comes to commercial undercounter dishwashers, you will never need a vent hood. However, for pass through dishwashers or rack and flight machines the placement of the machine will define whether or not a hood should be installed.

If the machine is in a well ventilated area with high ceilings, a hood will usually not be needed. If however the machine is in a small room with low ceilings, then fitting a vent hood (if possible) is always worthwhile due to the high temperatures, steam and condensation which over time can have a big impact on the ceiling and ambient working temperatures - in the same way that a cooker hood can help reduce heat and moisture build-up. We often find that although a hood isn't strictly required for optimum ventilation, busy kitchens benefit from a more pleasant kitchen environment if they decide to fit one to remove the 'sauna' effect.

Because so many things determine the need for a dishwasher hood, and different sizing may be required if you do need to install one, it's always best to seek professional advice. At JLA, we listen to our customers' challenges, get to understand what their previous problems have been and always view the area above the existing machine first-hand...which usually offers the best clue as to whether a vent hood is needed going forward.

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