Commercial Laundry and Catering Detergents

Our job isn’t done once your equipment is installed. You need cleaning agents to match the performance of your machines, so we’ve created a range of detergents, rinse aids and conditioners. We'll handle the dirty work for you so you don't need to worry about it. View our full commercial detergents range here.

Laundry Detergents

We know that you need quality and reliability from your machines, so our liquids, fabric conditioners, starches, emulsifiers, destainers, powders and other laundry solutions have been designed with that in mind - to ensure the best-possible wash, in every wash.

Catering Detergents

Our range of commercial catering chemicals, from dishwashing and glasswashing liquids to granular salt and combi oven cleaners, ensure that everything in your kitchen stays pristine and maximises the performance of your machine.

OTEX Detergents

Our OTEX laundry detergents have been specially designed to be used with the JLA OTEX ozone disinfection system. They help remove stains, keep whites and colours bright, reduce drying times and work best in the cool wash cycles used by the OTEX system.

Taking the hassle out of cleaning

We believe that your commercial laundry and dishwashing detergents should work as hard as your machines to deliver the best possible wash in every wash. We’ve developed an extensive range of laundry chemicals that get linens cleaner than clean without threatening fabric quality, as well as dishwashing and catering chemicals that leave glassware, crockery and kitchen surfaces spotless. Find out how easy cleaning up can be when you work with us.

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Clean up with our commercial laundry and dishwashing detergents

JLA offers a range of laundry and dishwashing chemicals for a variety of businesses. We're in the business of making it easier for you to do your washing, whether that’s laundry or crockery and utensils.

JLA's commercial laundry detergents, including bio and non-bio detergents, fabric conditioners, wash boosters, destainers and starches, have been designed for commercial laundry rooms that need to keep fabrics clean, fresh and looking bright.

When it comes to the washing up in your professional kitchen, our commercial dishwasher detergents will do the hard work for you. Keep glasses sparkling, and your crockery clean with our wide range of commercial catering chemicals, which includes glasswasher and dishwasher detergents, aluminium-safe detergents and multi-surface degreasers.

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