JLA Auto-Dosing FOG Degrader

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As a commercial kitchen, you have a legal obligation to make sure that the fats, oils and greases (FOGs) that build up as part of your day-to-day cooking activities do not negatively affect the local drains and sewers. Wiping away excess FOGs before cleaning equipment and crockery can help, but if you’re mistakenly pouring bleaches and emulsifiers down the drain afterwards, you’ll just be making things worse.

The JLA auto-dosing FOG degrader is the premier method of breaking down fats, oils and greases. Built to use a clever, pre-programmed dosing unit, it ensures that you get the right dose of bacteria-based degrader every time you use it.

Everything is set up for you right at the point of installation so that a schedule dose of the degrader is injected into your kitchen drains after your kitchen has shut down for the evening.

Product details
JLA Auto-Dosing FOG Degrader
4-6% at 1% solution
Available Pack Sizes
4 x 5 litres