JLA SD3535 SMART Stack

JLA SD3535 SMART Stack

The JLA SD3535 SMART Dry stacked dryer puts together two 14kg/30lb dryers to give you double the throughput – and double the benefits of our innovative SMART laundry technology, which will help you save on your utility costs. Manual, gas models will also benefit from the peace of mind offered by our ground-breaking S.A.F.E. dryer fire extinguishing system, which uses sensors to detect fires and put them out with water vapour before they start.

How businesses like yours rate JLA…

  • Axial airflow for improved drying times
  • Capacity of up to 28kg/60lbs
  • S.A.F.E. dryer fire extinguishing system (gas models only)
Ideal For
  • Care Homes

  • Education

  • Facilities Management

  • Food Production

  • Hairdressers & Salons

  • Healthcare

  • Holiday Parks

  • Hotels

  • Housing

  • Launderettes

  • Laundry Businesses

  • Public Sector

  • Sport

  • Stables

  • Vets

Control: Microprocessor Net Weight (kg): 359.7
Capacity (Kg/lb): 2 x 14/30 Dimensions HxWxD (mm): 1988x756x1781mm
Door Opening (mm Ø): 546 Drum Volume (m3/ltr): 2 x 0.286/286
Freestanding: Yes No. of Water Connections (cold): 1
Air Connection (“BSP): 1/8 Air Connection Pressure (only steam) (psi): 80
Connection Size ("BSP Supply/Ret): - Electrics - Elec Model (Volt/ph/Amp): 400/3/50
Electrics - Gas Model (Volt/ph/Amp): 230/1/13 Electrics - Steam Model (Volt/ph/Amp): 230/1/13
Gas Rating kW (Btu/hr): 19.92 (68,000) per pocket Size of Water Connection (“BSP): -
Steam Rating kg/hr (lb/hr): 45.8 (101) per pocket Connection Size (“BSP): -
Exhaust Air (mm): 2 x 152 (6) Heating: Gas/Electric
Ventilation/Make-Up Air (m2/in2): 0.093 (144) Total Airflow m3 (ft3/min): 9.43 (333) per pocket
Power (kW): 2 x 15kW S.A.F.E (optional): Gas only

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