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JLA’s range of cost-effective commercial LED lighting solutions give businesses like yours a variety of high quality, sustainable, energy-efficient lights for all kinds of applications, across all kinds of premises from care homes and hospitals to hotels and schools.

LED lighting has lower operating costs, consumes less electricity and results in lower CO2 emissions. Plus, an LED’s lifespan is around 60,000 hours, compared to the 1,500 hours that an incandescent bulb will typically last. 

By using ‘diode’ technology that produces light rather than warmth (a fluorescent light creates around 95% heat and just 5% light), you’ll benefit from lower facilities costs while enhancing your ‘green’ credentials. You’ll also improve the look and feel of your interior spaces, and make life easier for employees who need brighter-yet-safer light sources to carry out their work more efficiently in industrial settings. 

What does LED stand for?

LED = Light Emitting Diode

Light emitting diodes have been around for a long time – you’ll know them best from your TV’s red standby indicators. In recent years – as the technology developed to give us more colours and allow heat-free installation in bigger, commercial sizes – LED lights have become the 'switch' of choice for commercial use. 

LED Lighting solutions for business use

At JLA you can source square flush fit and circular LED ceiling lights (ideal for offices), as well as the tube LED strips. Both are ideal for:

  • Areas of care homes which require 24/7 lighting for various shift workers as well as Health & Safety
  • Hospital corridors and 'always-on' shift rooms where lighting is needed around the clock
  • Industrial settings where high quality lighting is needed for specific tasks
  • Schools where high quality light is needed for classrooms, halls and recreational spaces
  • Reception areas and offices where 'daylight' bulbs will improve appearance and wellbeing
  • Any business looking to enhance its green credentials
  • Hotel hallways, kitchens and reception areas which operate day and night

Lighting is responsible for up to 20% of all energy consumption in the UK. For a business, The Carbon Trust suggests that this figure for lighting can rise to 40% and that LED’s use, on average, 80% less energy than most traditional bulbs. 

Depending on your exact requirements, we can also help your procurement team source and install wall lights, spotlights, bollards and LED panels – as well as emergency lights, floodlights, security lights and ‘lantern’ style outdoor lights. 

Benefits of LED lighting

LED bulbs are increasingly popular in business premises, thanks to their many benefits – both in terms of appearance and on the balance sheet. According to The Energy Saving Trust, the advantages of LED lights include:

  • Significant improvement in the lighting for social housing settings
  • Bolder, brighter light closer to daylight’s ‘colour warmth’
  • Less ‘dimming’ over time – reduced maintenance/replacement costs
  • Available in colours, rather than poor quality filters
  • Reduced energy consumption 
  • Lower cost of lighting maintenance
  • Cool to the touch – safer and less expensive to leave on for long periods

LED lighting is ideal for businesses and facilities managers looking for a ‘fit and forget’ solution that is budget and environmentally friendly. There's no need for staff to change bulbs frequently, they can reduce running costs by around 75% and they'll have an instant impact with brighter, warmer appearance for your premises. 

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