Our range of fire safety solutions

We offer a range of fire safety services to keep your people and premises safe, from initial risk assessments and site surveys to equipment installation and maintenance for your most critical devices.

Fire Doors

Whether you need a new fire door, or replacements following your fire risk assessment, we can install BM Trada Q Mark FD30 and FD60 flush and panelled options. 

Fire Extinguishers

Various fire extinguisher types are available from JLA, and our experts will advise you on the best products for your business in case of emergency.

Fire Safety Training

Online and offline training courses are an essential part of your fire protection plan. Ask us for more details on which courses would best suit your requirements.

Emergency Lighting

This is key to safe evacuation in an emergency. We'll install and maintain the most suitable lighting along your key escape routes to lead your people to safety.

Fire Alarms

We can inspect, supply and install the fire alarms you need to implement your fire safety plan. As part of JLA's unique Total Care package, we'll provide regular fire alarm servicing too.

AOV Systems

AOVs (Automatic Opening Vents) are a key part of any commercial fire safety plan. It’s vital (and a legal requirement) to make sure smoke clears quickly from your hallways, stairwells, lobbies and other access routes if a fire occurs – so people can escape safely and emergency services can move, manoeuvre, rescue and recover efficiently.

Service & maintenance

As part of a Total Care or service contract plan, we'll carry out regular checks, testing and maintenance work to keep your fire prevention and evacuation equipment running smoothly - from your lights, signs and extinguishers to doors and alarms.

Recommended for your business

Total Care: Everything you need for a single monthly subscription

This option gives you the flexibility to include all the fire safety services you need in one all-inclusive plan. We'll install the equipment you need for no capital outlay required, then maintain and fix it as required - everything is covered by a simple monthly subscription payment that removes the need for upfront capital spend or complicated financing.

JLA Response: Our 'Bolt-on' Fire Safety Cover plan

If you'd prefer a standalone fire safety cover plan as a 'bolt-on' to your existing fire equipment, JLA Response is well worth exploring. With a nationwide presence and expert advisors at the end of the phone whenever you need them, you'll benefit from expert equipment maintenance and fast emergency call-outs to protect your people and premises.

It all starts with a professional fire risk assessment

IMPORTANT: If you’re a business owner, manager or landlord, you MUST meet a legal requirement to make sure a full fire safety plan is in place. By law, every UK business with five or more employees must keep a written record of their fire safety plan, which is managed by their 'Responsible Person'. This is someone who is in charge of making sure premises comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

You can only meet your fire safety obligations by having a commercial fire risk assessment to highlight any risks and outline the things you need to put in place or improve. At JLA, our team of BAFE-accredited, fully qualified BS5839, BS5306 and BS5266 trained experts can carry out this assessment, before offering a full fire prevention audit and consultation. Once you have a plan of action, we can install and maintain the fire extinguishers fire doors and signage you need. All designed to help you put a comprehensive and documented fire system plan into action.

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Specialist fire safety solutions within the JLA Group

The JLA Fire family now incorporates some of the UK’s most widely known and respected names in fire safety. That means we have over 100 years of collective experience in keeping people and premises safe with fire risk assessments, detection & warning solutions and fire fighting equipment, as well as servicing, maintenance and testing for your critical escape route doors, signage and lighting.



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Whatever your fire safety challenges, contact our team today for a FREE consultation. We’ll get to know your exact requirements, book in a coVID-19 compliant site survey to get closer to your requirements if necessary, and advise on the best way to kit out your business for optimum fire detection, fire fighting and evacuation planning across your single or multiple premises.

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